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K-dance 2019: Triple Bill: Choi X Kang Project / Goblin Party / Noname Sosu

The final evening in the 2019 Festival of Korean Dance brings a chance to see three performances from three diverse and innovative companies.

Triple Bill: Choi X Kang Project / Goblin Party / Noname Sosu

Friday 7 June 2019, 7:30pm | Buy tickets
The Place | 17 Duke’s Road | London WC1H 9PY

Age Recommendation: 15yrs+
Please note: This performance contains flashing lights

Choi X Kang Project – Complement

Choi X Kang Project. Photo by Yoichi Tsukada
Choi X Kang Project. Photo by Yoichi Tsukada

Using a camera as an apparatus that captures and influences objects it focuses on, this imaginative work asks: ‘what happens to the world out of our eyesight.’
Credit: Korea Arts Management Service

The Choi X Kang Project is a project group consisting of Choi Min-sun and Kang Jin-an, based in Seoul, Korea since 2015. The group is looking for an intuitive way to create motions and focusing on the process of connecting external devices to the body through diverse experiments.

From 2010 to 2016, the two worked as dancers at the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. The group received an award for <Basic Dance> in the Seoul Dance Collection. They have been consistently selected for projects supporting young promising choreographers, further solidifying their own style and direction. They have also been broadening their activity boundaries by getting involved in various projects such as collaborating with visual artists and working in art galleries.

The Choi X Kang Project works actively inside and outside of Korea in recognition of Korean dance scene for its potential in the unique style.

Choreographers: Choi Min-sun | Kang Jin-an
Dancers: Choi Min-sun | Kang Jin-an | Shin Hye-jin
Video Director: Kim Tae-gyeong
Duration: 22mins

Goblin Party – Once Upon A Time 

Goblin Party: Once Upon A Time
Goblin Party: Once Upon A Time

By deconstructing and creatively retelling ancient Korean stories, Once Upon A Time aims to reconnect audiences with the humour and traditions of yesteryear.

Founded in 2007, Goblin Party has performed nationally and internationally using a traditional Korean monster goblin as its symbol.

As the company consists of artists who can both choreograph and dance, the choreographer or a leader may differ from piece to piece. Goblin Party places emphasis on communication and is interested in producing a performance that enhances the vision of audience.

Choreographer: Ji Kyung-min
Dancers: Lim Jin-ho | Lee Kyung-gu
Music: Ji Kyung-min
Manager: Ahn Hyun-min
Duration: 20 mins

Noname Sosu – SILENTIUM

Young Hyun Choi. Photo by Tae-min Cho
Young Hyun Choi. Photo by Tae-min Cho

SILENTIUM is the visualisation of emotions in its extreme state, in the dark. Cleverly playing with stage lighting this captivating performance invites you to view the body as an optical illusion and decipher what is reality. Even if we don’t like what we see, we cannot hide it, cover it, or make it disappear. We are what we are.

Choi Young-hyun (born 1979) – known as Noname Sosu, is an Korean choreographer, dancer and based in Seoul. He graduated from the Department of Dance at SungKyunKwan University and completed his M.A. at the Korea National University of Arts.

In May 2011, he made his choreographic debut with the solo NOT I. This was followed by In the air (2012), Body Work (2015), WAVE (2016) and SILENTIUM (2016). He participated in the direction of a dance scene for the movie The Treacherous (2014).

Choreographer: Choi Young-hyun
Dancers: Choi Young-hyun | Yoo Eun-bi
Music: Space – Ryoji Ikeda | Headphones – Björk
Duration: 22 mins

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