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START Art Fair 2019, including Korean Eye:2020 Teaser

START Art Fair has always had a strong representation of Korean artists and galleries. This year, the representation is even stronger, thanks to a “teaser” exhibition for the 2020 Korean Eye exhibition.

START Art Fair, including Korean Eye:2020 teaser exhibition

26-29 September 2019
Saatchi Gallery | Duke of York’s HQ | King’s Rd | Chelsea | London SW3 4RY
Tickets £25 from Ticketmaster | Buy tickets
Thursday 26th September: late night opening | Friday 27th, Saturday 28th September: 11am-6pm | Sunday 29th September: 11am-5pm

Grey Skipwith
Grey Skipwith with some of his Korean works at START 2018

Housed in London’s Saatchi Gallery, START Art Fair was established in 2014. The fair’s aim is to lead the art world by focusing on international emerging artists and new art scenes. In a few short years the fair has quickly gained a strong critical reputation and is regarded by London’s collector set as the place to discover artists at the beginning of their careers. The fair is a high-profile platform which presents emerging artists in a museum quality environment and attracts in excess of 10,000 high net worth, art lovers, collectors and investors over four days.

The sixth edition will open with a VIP Private View on 25 September and to the public from 26 -29 September 2019, coinciding with the opening of FRIEZE London and kicking off London’s autumn art season with exhibitors’ presentations and curated projects. As part of the Global Eye Programme a teaser exhibition of Korean Eye:2020 Contemporary Korean Art will open at the fair ahead of its official launch at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg in Spring 2020.

Korean Eye 2020

Seoul, Korea — KEB Hana Bank is delighted to sponsor this new iteration of Korean Eye in 2020, which marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Eye Programme. Entitled ‘Korean Eye 2020: Contemporary Korean Art’, the exhibition will take place across three global locations: The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (Spring 2020), Saatchi Gallery in London (Summer 2020) and finally in Seoul (Autumn 2020), rendering it as one of the largest Korean contemporary art exhibitions. The touring exhibition will present works by 30 emerging and established Korean artists working in photography, sculpture, painting, video, and mixed media, while an accompanying book published by SKIRA will feature a collection of work by 75 artists.

KEB Hana Bank is firmly cementing its support for cultural activities in the global and Korean communities. As the principle sponsor, KEB Hana Bank is proud to be working alongside Global Eye Programme Co-founders David and Serenella Ciclitira to spotlight new work by Korean artists, both established and emerging. Past Korean Eye exhibitions have catapulted the careers of many emerging Korean artists. Previous Korean Eye artists whose works are displayed at Hana Bank’s headquarters (until 29 June) include Lee Rim, Ji Yong Ho, Bae Joon Sung, Lee Sea Hyun and Kwon Kisoo, Sim Seung Wook – are now experiencing a meteoric rise in their professional artistic careers. Renowned Korean artists who have taken part in a Korean Eye exhibition and many noteworthy global art events thereafter include Ahn Chul-hyun, Kang Hyung-koo, Moon Beom, and Shin Meekyoung.

Korean Eye 2020 will be curated by Serenella Ciclitira, CEO and Founder of Parallel Contemporary Art (PCA), Dimitri Ozerkov, Head of the Asian Department State Hermitage Museum and Philly Adams, Director Saatchi Gallery. A Korean Eye 2020 teaser exhibition will open during START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery in London this year (26-29 September).

Korean Eye / KEB Hana Bank logos

Other Korean artists and Korea-focused galleries at the fair are as follows:

CAIS Gallery

Ceviga (Kyung Ok Paik Frahm) | Doo Hwa Chung
(for images of artists’ work visit CAIS Gallery page on Start Art Fair website)

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CAIS gallery was founded in Seoul in 1997, opening with a solo exhibition of Gerhard Richter. The gallery is committed to presenting works by the most significant Korean and international contemporary artists. CAIS actively participates in international art fairs and exhibitions to promote Korean and Asian artists outside of Asia.

In the early 2000s, CAIS introduced several works by foreign contemporary artists in genres that were novel to the Korean art scene, including such artists as Daniel Buren, Joseph Kosuth, ImiKnoebel, Tomas Grunfeld, Tim Prentice, Yin Qi, Sophia Petrides, Julien Opie, Peter Halley, Gary Simmons and Jonathan Borofsky.

For START, CAIS gallery presents Ceviga (Kyung Ok Paik Frahm), whose work visualizes the state of in-between through the ecstatic burst of colour, light, and form, and Doo Hwa Chung, who dissects and disintegrates physical books to create a different kind of book. Doo Hwa Chung has also been selected for inclusion in tKorean Eye 2020 Teaser exhibition at START 2019.

Yun Park

(for images of artist’s work visit her page on Start Art Fair website)

Yun Park: Hours in the Inner-Garden I, 2019
Yun Park: Hours in the Inner-Garden I, 2019
Oil on linen 258 x 153 cm

Yun Park is an artist originally from South Korea. She studied Painting and Art History (Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs) for three years at Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio, United States, and studied different education programs of her BFA in Painting for three years at Wimbledon College of Arts UAL in London, United Kingdom.

Yun Park’s art is all about hidden beauty and the mystery of life through nature and the human (form and soul). She learns how to observe the beauty that cannot be seen and touched, but it must be felt with the heart and soul such as emotions–happiness or even pain, sorrow and misery. She applies imagination and fantasy to her creative process that the art is able to make beauty visible, to let hidden beauty, (inner-beauty) come out. She regards her time painting as reflection, meditation and contemplation through her art world. She sees behind the outer appearance and discovers beauty in its true nature with deep philosophical meanings.

Jade Flower Gallery

Yang Okkyung | Lee Yunjung | Noh Hayoun | Im Siho | Kim Minji | Janey Eunkyung Lee
(for images of artists’ work visit Jade Flower Gallery page on Start Art Fair website)

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Established in 2014, Jade Flower Gallery began experimenting and developing the idea of ‘imagination linking’. This concept reflects the gallery’s goal to make links between the imagination of the artists and the audience. The gallery is driven by the belief that artworks have an invaluable language that helps us understand the world surrounding not only the artists but also the audience. For START, Jade Flower is delighted to present Yang Okkyung’s works, which are great examples of this “imagination linking” idea. Yang is the first artist who developed Marker Art, and is considered a pioneer of this artistic craft.

In this series of works, Yang explores language and the diversity of human emotions through the use of colour and delicate ink strokes. She uses colour as a language, mixing them together to represent three different emotions of her imagination and to evoke the individuality of her audience. Yang believes that it is through this diversity, or ‘imperfectness’ that leads to the wonderful ability to communicate and the desire for humanity to connect. Yang’s recent work continues to explore multiple themes such as ‘big data’, ‘hologram cosmology’, ‘event horizon’ and ‘matrix’.

Premium Pages Collective

Han A Ram
(for images of artist’s work visit Premium Pages Collective page on Start Art Fair website)

Han A Ram: Everflow, 2019
Han A Ram: Everflow, 2019. Ceramics 15 x 20 x 4cm (15 Pieces)

Premium Pages Collective is a subsidiary of Premium Pages, a strategic arts management and consultancy company based in Singapore since 2010. The entity represents and promote international artists in selected art fairs throughout the Asian region.

For START, Premium Pages Collective proudly presents ceramist Han A Ram. Born and raised in Daegu, South Korea, A Ram approaches a pure, discrete and mathematical depiction of strength versus limitation in pursuing wisdom. In her work Everflow, the portals of knowledge, depicted as book sculptures, strike endlessly in coordination against a limitless expanse, yet only achieve a partial breakthrough. It suggests that wisdom, unexpectedly, may not be a universally welcomed virtue.
Over numerous exhibitions across Asia,

A Ram’s conceptualisation of knowledge and its consequences invites a cognitive challenge of the aesthetic and the rhetoric. Her work continues to build on this investigation through her sculptures, which are often installed in mildly imperfect geometric configurations.


(for images of artists’ work visit page on Start Art Fair website)

BiHop: Mirror of the Bartender (2018)
BiHop: Mirror of the Bartender (2018). Oil and Acrylic on canvas 97 X 130.3 cm

From a young age BiHop was noticed for her artistic talent. However, due to her parents strong opposition and her diagnosis with psychopathy (paranoia) in 2000 she had to suppress her dreams and even had to stop working as an English Grammar teacher. After years of struggle, BiHop finally managed to paint again in 2006. She successfully staged her first exhibition and published her first poetry works in 2007.

BiHop is deeply absorbed in the philosophies of Merleau Ponty and Deleuze. Her works express movement and sound, so several objects depicted in a painting may actually suggest different movements of a single object. A recurring theme of her paintings is the depiction of two or more identical animals whose images are linked or overlap like “Siamese twins”, suggesting the movements of one single animal, also a metaphor for the division of her country, North and South Korea.


All images courtesy the artist / gallery.

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