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Michel Francois + Young Gi Seo: Cornwall To Korea, at Leach Pottery St Ives

Late notice of an exhibition of ceramics in Cornwall:

Michel Francois & Young Gi Seo: Cornwall To Korea

17 August – 27 October 2019
Leach Pottery | Higher Stennack | St Ives TR26 2HE |

Cornwall to Korea

A stunning array of new works by Falmouth potter Michel Francois and Korean potter Young Gi Seo uniquely made for this exhibition during their recent joint-residency in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Both potters offer a body of work that begins its inspiration with the moon jar and domestic Korean forms. The resulting pots are a celebration of glazing, forms, and the dynamic relationship between these different elements resulting in pots that are artistically inspired and domestic pieces for use in the home.

Young Gi Seo working in Korea
Young Gi Seo working in Korea

Young Gi’s practice is inspired by traditional and contemporary interpretations of Korean pottery. His fascination is best embodied by his exploration of the moon jar – a form associated with Korea since the Joseon Dynasty (founded in 1392). The moon jar is both iconic and internationally venerated yet, at heart, it is a community pot – a generous form with serenity and stability.

Michel Francois became one of the Leach Pottery’s first Start Up Potters in 2008, after the Pottery’s refurbishment and reopening, before establishing his current studio in Falmouth. Michel’s practice is concerned with glaze and form, especially glazes formulated with different wood ashes and fired in a kiln where the atmosphere is carefully managed to ensure interaction between the clay and glaze surface.

A contemporary Moon Jar by Young Gi Seo
A contemporary Moon Jar by Young Gi Seo

This is Young Gi’s first dedicated UK exhibition, marking a milestone in his ongoing creative partnership with Michel who worked with Young Gi in Korea in 2018. Their Korean work has recently enjoyed an exhibition at the Korean Craft Museum. Young Gi is a renowned potter and exhibitor in South Korea, with a list of solo show credits spanning over two decades, and holds a Professorship at Kyonggi University.

The exhibition runs in the Leach Pottery Entrance Gallery.
Prices from £40 to £14000.


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