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Korean short animations at LIAF

Once again we are grateful to LKL Facebook Group member Jordan for letting us know about some Korean (and one zainichi) animations that will be available online for a short while. We reproduce his post below for the benefit of those who don’t frequent the LKL FB group:

London International Animation Festival

The London International Animation Festival 2020 runs from 27 November to 6 December and is available to see online throughout the UK (and, unusually for a UK festival, Ireland), with each programme being £6 to rent and available for 48 hours from its premiere time (passes for all the online events are also available for £35 or £45).

Erick Oh, Kim Leeha

Erick Oh - Opera
from the official poster for Erick Oh’s Opera

Former Disney Pixar and current Tonko House animator ERICK OH’s Opera (오페라), a South Korea–USA co-production, plays in “International Competition Programme 4: Being HumanMonday 30 November, 8pm

While seeing it on a TV at home (use the Eventive app if you have a Roku UK or Apple TV device for the best experience on those, otherwise it can be played from a web browser on a computer/tablet/phone) isn’t its intended presentation, which is as an 8K projection as part of an installation, with how things are in the UK it’s out only way of seeing it at any time foreseeable.

More about it on his website

The same programme is also another chance to see a South Korean production which has been a very frequent selection at festivals this year, KIM Leeha’s Mascot (마스코트 Maseukoteu). The trailer for that, again, can be seen here:

Park Jee-youn, Kiyama Mizuki

The “Late Night Bizarre” programme has one to see: PARK Jee-youn’s Ghosts (유령들 Yuryeongdeul) – Friday 4 December, 10pm:

The festival’s “Best of the Next” programme features a wonderful short (which I managed to see earlier in the year in the online Japan Cuts) drawn from the artist’s experience of being a child of ethnic Koreans in Japan, Kiyama Mizuki’s Bath House of Whales (くじらの湯 Kujira no yu) Friday 4 December, 6pm

It’s possible that some of this might also make it into the closing “Best of the Fest” programme, which will be presented both online and at the Barbican Centre, Sunday 6 December, 5:25pm


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