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Peace Forum on the Korean Peninsula

The below notice came, via a circuitous route, too late to publish in advance of the forum (what has happened to the Embassy’s PR function?). It is posted here for archival purposes.

One thing of note: the flyer reveals the existence of an Embassy YouTube channel. The link is now included in LKL’s link library.

Peace Forum on the Korean Peninsula

Peace Forum flyerSaturday 28 November 2020, 1pm-3pm (UK) 10 pm-midnight (Korea)
Zoom Meeting ID: 848 3973 9395
Streaming on YouTube: South Korea in the UK

Opening remarks

Ambassador Enna Park

Congratulatory remarks

Vice-Chairperson NUAC Jong-bum Park
Sir Ed Davey MP
Lord Browne of Ladyton

First Session: Learning from Northern Ireland to build peace on the Korean Peninsula

Main speaker: Dr Dongjin Kim | Ireland, Trinity College
Panels: Dr Kyungmook Kim | Japan, Waseda University
Dr David Mitchell | Ireland, Trinity College
Moderator: Dr Sojin Lim | UK, University of Central Lancashire

Second Session: The role of world society to build peace on the Korean Peninsula

Main speaker: Dr Michael Schluter | UK, RPI & University of Cambridge
Panels: Dr John Delury | Korea, Yonsei University
Dr Jinho Zong | Korea, Handong University
Moderator: Dr Yongmi Kim | UK, University of Edinburgh

Main moderator

Dr Eunju Jenny Shin | UK, Cardiff University

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