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Foyle’s Korean Culture Month: Recipe for Farewell screening

Date: Saturday 4 November 2023, 2pm - 4pm
Foyles | 107 Charing Cross Road | London WC2H 0DT | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Register via Eventbrite
Recipe For Farewell poster

The captivating true story from writer Kang Chang-rae’s essay-based Korean series, Recipe for Farewell is a heartwarming drama, portraying a man who writes a cooking diary for his ill wife. It premiered at the Busan International Film Festival (2022) and was screened at the Fribourg International Film Festival (2023). For one day only, it will be showcased at Foyles.

Recipe for Farewell tells the story of Changwook (Han Seokkyu), a man who starts a heartfelt journey to prepare meals for his wife, who is suffering from terminal cancer. He takes up the challenge even though ramen (instant noodles) is the only dish he knows how to make. Among a total of twelve, four episodes will be introduced. The screening will show English subtitles.

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