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Shin Chul: Objects for Propriety, at Han Collection

Date: Thursday 18 April - Saturday 11 May 2024
Han Collection | 10 Bury Place | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 2JL | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | More info here
Shin Chul: Objects for Propriety, at Han Collection

Han Collection are thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition, “Objects for Propriety,” a solo show for the contemplative works of renowned ceramic master Shin Chul. Hosted at the gallery space from 18th April to 11th May 2024, this exhibition promises an immersive journey into the timeless allure and cultural depth of Korean ceramic art.

“Objects for Propriety” serves as a profound reflection on the concept of Korean cultural etiquette. With meticulous detail, Shin explores the intricate nuances of Korean societal norms and customs, presenting a captivating array of ceramic pieces that mirror the essence of propriety in Korean culture.

At the heart of the exhibition lies Shin Chul’s poignant interpretations of ancestral rituals, deeply embedded in the fabric of Korean heritage. Through his masterfully crafted ceramic vessels, Shin Chul pays homage to the enduring traditions of Chesa and other ancestral rites, offering viewers a glimpse into the spiritual and cultural essence of Korea.

Each artwork showcased in “Objects for Propriety” encapsulates Shin Chul’s unwavering dedication to preserving and reinterpreting Korean ceramic art for contemporary audiences. From graceful moon jars reminiscent of the Joseon Dynasty to sleek and minimalist ritual bowls, Shin Chul’s creations embody a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

Join us at 10 Bury Place as we embark on a journey of cultural discovery through the lens of ceramic art. “Objects for Propriety” invites our friends and clients to contemplate the profound connection between ceramic forms and Korean cultural etiquette, offering a unique perspective on the enduring significance of tradition in the modern world.

Pictured: Ritual Bowl with Two ‘Ears’, Stoneware with straw ash glaze, 29×19.5cm

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