Soon Yul Kang at Art in Action 2011

Soon Yul Kang demonstrates her tapestry weaving techniques and exhibits her hand woven tapestries at Art in Action, 21-24 July 2011. She will be showing her own unique style of weaving which is based on subtlety of colour. Her solo exhibition at the Artspace gallery in Maddox Street was on LKL’s shortlist of notable exhibitions […]

A review of the London Korean Year 2010

LKL tries to sum up the London Korean cultural year. Live music Possibly the most disappointing thing about 2010 has been the number of top-flight Korean musicians who have been passing through London but not stopping to do a sensible gig there. Biuret played at a private industry showcase before heading off to Southampton – […]

Woven Horizon in Colchester

Some of the notable artworks at the DPRK art show in London in 2007 were works of embroidery. Similarly, in London, Kang Seunghee‘s work has involved some laborious needlework, albeit subcontracted to Chinese embroiderers. Now there’s the opportunity to enjoy some Korean needlework outside of London. Kang Soon Yul exhibits some of her textile artistry […]