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A belated tour of March’s First Thursday openings

In this article we visit Chung Heeseung: Inadequate Metaphor, at HADA Contemporary, Sun Ae Kim: Quotidian, at Mokspace; Bae Joonsung: Costume of a Painter / Hwang Seon-tae: Sunlight at Albemarle Gallery / Shine Artists; and last but by no means least Hwang Jihae: miNiATURE, at the Strand Gallery It was always going to be difficult to get … [Read More]

Sun Ae Kim: Quotidian, at Mokspace

We enjoyed Sun Ae Kim’s participation last year in the RCA Biennial Research Exhibition, not just for the novelty of free beer jelly, but for the lovely ceramic drinking cups and bowls. So we’re looking forward to her first solo show, at Mokspace, from 6 March. Sun Ae Kim: Quotidian 6th – 22nd March 2014 … [Read More]

Sunae Kim and Hyukgue Kwon in Disruption – the RCA Research Biennial exhibition

Three press releases follow: one for the RCA Research Biennial Exhibition itself, then one for each of the two Korean participants. Disruption Research RCA Biennial Exhibition 2013 An investigation on the 
idea of disturbance, subversion and irritation in an art and design practice: 21st — 27th January 10am – 5.30pm Open till 8.30pm on … [Read More]