Three Gates – a brief group exhibition at Hanmi Gallery

Hanmi Gallery’s 13th interim exhibition: Three Gates ARTISTS: ANDREW CAMPBELL, ALESSANDRA FERRINI, JUYOUNG LEE EVA LIS, HANAE UTAMURA, NASTJA RONKKO CURATORS: LIVIA DUBON, SEIHEE SHON 15TH NOVEMBER – 17TH NOVEMBER 2012 PREVIEW WEDNESDAY, 14TH NOVEMBER 2012, 6 – 9PM HANMI GALLERY is pleased to announce its 13th interim exhibition, ‘Three Gates.’ Mythical gateways into other […]

Exhibition visit: NOWS – Traverse over Time and Space, Hanmi Gallery

The third interim exhibition at Hanmi Gallery continues the theme of site-specific work by young Korean artists. On the ground floor, Eunsook Choi is an artwork in herself as she locks herself in the small glass-windowed office creating new paintings in real time. Juyoung Lee’s work responds to the imperfections of the building: mapping out […]

Hanmi Gallery 3rd Interim Exhibition – NOWS: Traverse over Time and Space

News of Hanmi Gallery’s midsummer show: Hanmi Gallery 3rd Interim Exhibition NOWS: Traverse over time and space Exhibition date: 13 August – 26 August 2011 Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 11am – 6pm Preview: 12 August Friday 6 – 9pm We are delighted to invite you to the preview of Hanmi Gallery’s third interim exhibition. […]