Shin Yong-il: Into the Void, at Han Collection

Shin Yong-il’s work, brought by Gallery Do, was for me the highlight of the Korean artists at last year’s London Art Fair, so I’ll definitely be looking in at Han Collection to spend more time in its company: Shin Yong-il: Into the Void Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH […]

Gallery: Korean Artists at London Art Fair 2017

A quick post to upload some of the photos of the various galleries exhibiting Korean art at this year’s London Art Fair (plus one gallery that I missed). Hanmi Gallery Jaye Moon Jaye Moon’s work had been getting a fair amount of attention – guerrilla-style installations of Lego dotted around the Business Design Centre and […]

Korean galleries at London Art Fair 2017

Two galleries will be visiting the London Art Fair from Korea, plus three London-based specialists: Gallery Location Artists Atelier Aki Main G4 Lee Seahyun | Kang Junyoung | Kim Nampyo | Kim Seajoong Do Gallery Proj P29 Shin Yong Il Hanmi Gallery Proj P14 Jaye Moon | Min Joonhong | Park Junebum Skipwiths Main 22 […]