Sun, percussion, and yang energy

Jennifer Barclay celebrates her first anniversary with LKL with her report from the second Dano Korean Summer Festival The sound of percussion crept around Trafalgar Square as a strange vehicle circled the fountains and wheeled into view: a tall Mad Max-style contraption with coloured flags waving from poles, people dressed in black and orange hanging […]

Dr Hyun-key Kim Hogarth: how to be an anthropologist of your own culture

Known to her neighbours in Kent as Kim Hogarth, Hyun-key left Korea in 1968 before she’d even learned to cook Korean food. Her CV says ‘Nationality: British’. But it’s her academic work on Korean shamanism that keeps her busy giving papers and publishing books. Jennifer Barclay met the social anthropologist in London to find out […]

A diplomatic career in Korea

Jennifer Barclay reports from the AKS Evening with Warwick Morris at the KCC Wednesday 7 May, 2008 Warwick Morris retired from the British Diplomatic Service in February 2008 after 38 years, 13 of which he and his wife spent in South Korea in three very different postings. Members and guests of the Anglo-Korean Society had […]

Cherry blossom festival in Vancouver

On the first day of Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival, Jennifer Barclay reports on a recent visit to the Canadian city’s Koreatown Driving around Vancouver makes you hungry. There’s a Vietnamese restaurant next to an Indian next to a Greek next to a Korean. That’s especially on the big roads like Kingsway that lead away from […]

Words of inspiration

NO RIVER TO CROSS: Trusting the Enlightenment that’s Always Right There Zen Master Daehaeng Wisdom Publications, Boston US$14.95 The title refers to the idea that you don’t have to make a grand pilgrimage to find your Buddha nature, as it’s already inside you, and this approachable book offers plenty of inspiring thoughts. It starts with […]

The ribbon is cut; the Centre is open

Jennifer Barclay reports from the official opening ceremony of the new Korean Cultural Centre UK. Korea has been ‘setting the pace of popular culture far beyond its boundaries in the last decade,’ noted Mr Andrew Ramsay (left) of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in the opening remarks at the launch of the Korean […]

We Love Kim Soo Hee (she said)

Two of your regular LKL writers were so taken with Kim Soo Hee’s concert on 26 January that we both felt moved to write about it. Here’s Jennifer‘s take. Kim Soo Hee, we love you! Especially when you make that heart shape with your arms above your head and blow a kiss. Please come back […]

Anglo-Korean Bridge At The House Of Commons

By Jennifer Barclay ‘You getting wet, love?’ asked the policeman outside the Houses of Parliament, where it was drizzling on the evening of 25 October. I was early and getting a little damp, but sure my ticket bearer would show up soon. Instead, the policeman ushered me inside, giving me an opportunity to gaze on […]

Rain on the Parade — Kingston’s Mud Festival

Jennifer Barclay’s account of Kingston’s answer to the Boryeong Mud Festival Where else on a wet Saturday in June would you get classical dance, freestyle football and women arm-wrestling? But no-one I asked in Kingston-upon-Thames knew where Fairfield Recreation Ground was. Signs might even have attracted the curious. Eventually I got directions from a policewoman, […]

Rivers dance for Dano

A roving reporter’s account of yesterday’s Trafalgar Square Dano festivities by Jennifer Barclay with photos mostly by Jeon Sung-min (photo of the b-boys by Katie) It was a grey day on Sunday 17 June; but I donned a slightly sparkling T-shirt and set out for Trafalgar Square for the first ‘Korea, Sparkling’ Dano festival to […]