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Winterplay launches UK album with civilised gigs

Last weekend saw Winterplay’s UK debut and launch of their first western album on Universal. Three gigs in two remarkably different settings. Their first performance was in the Cultural Centre on Friday 10 September. Demonstrating the remarkable flexibility of the space, the area next to the reception desk had been converted into a stage, with … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2009: Philip

The editor provides an eclectic choice of albums from this year. 2009 has been a bumper year for new, innovative music and some welcome re-releases of the back catalogue. And anyone interested in the Korean contemporary music scene needs to be very grateful to Anna over at Indieful ROK for the work she does in … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2009: Saharial

This year can definitely be marked down as one for the less inspiring years for discovering new musical talent. Korea is packed full of vocally gifted teens all eager to make the break into stardom and this year saw various girl and boy bands pop up from nowhere as companies vied for more of the … [Read More]

Tomi Kita – In Dreamz

Review by Saharial Tomi Kita: In Dreamz Pony Canyon Records, 2008 Having seen them perform at ‘The Peel’ and the Dano festival last year I succumbed to the temptation of buying the one album available at ‘In Dreamz’, released in February 2008, is Tomi Kita’s third album and consists of 14 tracks all composed … [Read More]

Kim Yoon Ah #2: Glass Mask

T Entertainment, 2004 Kim Yoon Ah (김윤아) is the lead vocalist from Jaurim. Her first solo outing was in 2001 with the well-received Shadow of your Smile. And if LKL had been around in 2004, this follow-up album would have been a strong contender for album of the year. The opening track, engineered to sound … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2008: Philip

The last of a series in which regular and guest LKL contributors nominate their CD releases of the year. As Mark Russell notes in his 2008 roundup, we had some good reissues this year. This is great news, as it shows that the Korean music industry is showing some maturity. Why after all should fans … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2008: Anna Lindgren

Anna Lindgren from Indieful ROK provides her list of the top albums of 2008 For last year’s critics’ choice Bluedawn’s goodbye album was one of my picks. Though it still saddens me that Bluedawn is no more, the two members are doing well enough on their own to make the departure less painful. Let’s start … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2008: Saharial

Saharial presents her choices of 2008’s finest albums What a difference a year makes… When I look back on my choice of 5 from last year, I can smile happily and know that wishes do come true when I listen to the third album ‘Live and Let Live’ from Shin Hyesung. Released at the end … [Read More]

Album review: Lee Soo Young #8 — Set It Down

(Manine Media, 2007) There’s something reassuring about a Lee Soo Young album. You try to explore different genres of music, some of which may be exciting and original, and others may be frankly rather tiresome. And then you come to Lee Soo Young and it’s like returning home. It’s a bit like comfort food. It … [Read More]