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LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Anna Lindgren

Another year is coming to an end, and in what has become an unfortunate trend I’ve found that I’ve listened to much less music than the year before. However judging from the limited number of releases that did reach my ears, I’d like to think that 2010 (and the three months preceding it) was a … [Read More]

A meeting with Noeazy

Anna Lindgren of Indieful ROK meets with the up and coming Korean metalcore band Noeazy One of my very first evenings in Seoul, I found myself at Club FF checking out a bunch of hardcore bands. Although I had a pretty good idea of what the roster would treat me to, one band in particular … [Read More]

Tearliner revisited

Anna Lindgren of Indieful ROK gets in touch with Tearliner again, two years after her first interview. The past couple of years, my favourite Tearliner has gone from being the loveliest of indie musicians to becoming the excellent music director that perfectly sets the mood for any scene. Working on popular dramas he’s largely responsible … [Read More]

Happy music, Happy people

We want to make people in this world listen our music and feel happy 😉 Nina Lee from Happy Robot Records talks to Anna Lindgren. Over the past few years, Happy Robot has become one of the finest indie labels in Korea. Several of their artists made it to the finals of AVIMA 2009 – … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2008: Anna Lindgren

Anna Lindgren from Indieful ROK provides her list of the top albums of 2008 For last year’s critics’ choice Bluedawn’s goodbye album was one of my picks. Though it still saddens me that Bluedawn is no more, the two members are doing well enough on their own to make the departure less painful. Let’s start … [Read More]

A meeting with Yeongene

By Anna Lindgren If you’re into Korean music and have a thing for cute pop you are probably already familiar with Linus’ Blanket (left). And if you are, you are probably well aware that the name of the band’s adorable vocalist is Yeongene (연진) (right). It has been a few years since Linus’ Blanket last … [Read More]

A meeting with Sunflower – 해바라기

Anna Lindgren meets with one of the fathers of modern Korean folk music, with special assistance from Jeon Sung-min. A few years ago I came across a stunningly beautiful folk piece. It was called 내마음의 보석상자 and it had been recorded by 해바라기, Sunflower, in 1986. After getting my hands on a couple of Sunflower … [Read More]

A meeting with The Invisible Fish

Anna Lindgren continues her series of interviews with interesting musicians When only a few days remained of 2006, Korea’s most distinguished indie folk duo said “goodbye” with the release of their second full album. We were many that didn’t quite want to believe it – of course there were other prominent folk acts, but nothing … [Read More]

Radio Pyongyang

Anna Lindgren explores some music from north of the DMZ Two years ago, I found myself browsing the homepage of Seattle-based label Sublime Frequencies. They offer some really interesting CDs and DVDs, but with my interest in most things related Korea the CD called “Radio Pyongyang: Commie Funk and Agit Pop from the Hermit Kingdom” … [Read More]

A meeting with Zitten

By Anna Lindgren In January, Korea’s premier indie label, Pastel Music, released a 5CD compilation to commemorate its 5th birthday. On those five CDs there are 71 songs in total. Needless to say there is plenty of good music on those CDs – I had expected as much when I pre-ordered it. What I did … [Read More]

Ruby Salon and the digital singles phenomenom

Anna Lindgren meets the people behind Ruby Salon I know I’m not alone in feeling frustration over the digital singles concept; artists releasing music only available through paid downloads – a not too uncommon way for Korean artists to get a few songs out before the next CD. Sure, in this day and age most … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2007: Anna Lindgren

To me, 2006 was a pretty weak year, music-wise, and it wasn’t really till the very end of November that it began to shape up. That’s when – after a two month delay – adultchild finally released their debut album, B TL B TL. Filled with soft slow paced mellow music, cosy guitar play and … [Read More]

A meeting with My Hair Ball

By Anna Lindgren There’s this Korean music site,, where little known musicians share their work with the public in the form of free downloads. While browsing this site, every now and then one comes across a real gem – someone that makes music so fantastic it’s impossible to understand that no record company has … [Read More]

A meeting with MOT

The summer of 2004, MOT’s debut album, “non-linear”, was my soundtrack of choice. Three years later, MOT have finally released their second album, “Strange season”, and it’s hard to think of a better suited companion for this rainy summer. Amidst the band’s activities following this recent release, the two members took the time to answer … [Read More]

A meeting with Swimmin’ Fish

By Anna Lindgren There are few things I take a liking to as easily as catchy guitar driven music with female vocals, thus I took a liking to Swimmin’ Fish as soon as I heard them. Despite being busy in the studio, recording their first full length album, the band’s manager made sure that I … [Read More]