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A meeting with Swimmin’ Fish

By Anna Lindgren

Swimmin' Fish

There are few things I take a liking to as easily as catchy guitar driven music with female vocals, thus I took a liking to Swimmin’ Fish as soon as I heard them. Despite being busy in the studio, recording their first full length album, the band’s manager made sure that I got my questions to the band answered some time ago.

It’s been little more than four years since Swimmin’ Fish first saw the light of the day. The band’s leader and bassist, Ho Seok Ryou, had come back from high school in Australia and formed the band together with vocalist Rami (Bo Ram Lee), drummer Sung Hee Baek and guitarists Yun Ho Park and Han-Kyul, the latter now replaced by In Ho Hwang. Heavily influenced by Green Day, they focus on music that’s easy to listen to and great for live clubs – they’re making pop-punk with a “young and powerful” energy.

Rami, who majored in Korean, is a writer of novels and scenarios and she’s also the lyricist of Swimmin’ Fish. While using her experience as a writer to put the lyrics together, the ideas which they’re based on comes from all band members. Escape from everyday life is a common theme, something that’s reflected in the titles of both of their EPs: the self released “JaywalkiN'” and the Dope distributed 0.5 “Go Away”.

With the experience from those EPs, some studying and some research, Swimmin’ Fish are currently putting all of their resources into their upcoming album. There’ll be “more sensitive emotion and melody with exciting beat”, “emotional punk”, and the result should be available in stores in July.

As soon as the album is out, Swimmin’ Fish will break up from their usual club activities and tour both Korea and Japan. Those that can not catch them live will have the opportunity of seeing them on Korean cable TV and the rest of the world – the UK in particular – well, if they get the chance they’re going to come and make people jump to their music all over!


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