BA resumes flights to Seoul – but I’ll still fly Asiana

by Philip Gowman on 4 December, 2012

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British Airways resumed direct flights to Seoul on 2 December 2012 – a service they stopped back in 1998, in the aftermath of the so-called IMF Crisis. That was then. This is now: “We have seen significant growth in customers wanting to travel to Seoul for both business and pleasure,” said BA’s commercial director in a press release back in May this year. This new service provides six flights per week using a Boeing 777.

But why would you want to fly BA when you can fly Asiana and eat Korean food, watch Korean films and listen to Korean music on the flight? Of course, you could fly Korean Air, but they don’t support Korean culture in London the way Asiana does, so I try to fly Asiana if I can.

Latest on the tourism deficit: at least 10 million visitors will travel to Korea on holiday this year (the 10 millionth arrived on 21 November); while 13.7 million Koreans are expected to holiday abroad.

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