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Memories of Mokseokwon

Clay Figures, by Baek Un-ch'ol

Fond memories of a visit to Mokseokwon (목석원) sculpture park in Chejudo. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Baek Un-Ch’ol, who has masterminded the park. The main exhibits in the park are interesting pieces of driftwood, which Mr Baek has spent a lifetime collecting. He could earn a fortune by flogging them off in British garden centres, where such objects sell for a minimum of £100 each.


Mr Baek also has plans to develop a new Mokseokwon, on a much larger site, over the next few years, and I wish him well with his project. Another side project of his is clay sculpture – here’s an image of some of his clay figures which were sheltering behind an outbuilding in his park. Finally, Mr Baek introduced me to Korean tea. I’ve never tasted a better brew than his.


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