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DPRK e-bulletin 21 April 2006: superdollars

The DPRK’s London embassy speaks on the subject of Western accusations of drug-smuggling and currency counterfeiting:

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) — The people’s security institution in the DPRK tasked to protect by law the socialist system, the life and soul of its people, tightly holding the arms for state security, is following with a high degree of vigilance all sorts of dastardly plots and operations of the enemy’s intelligence and plot-breeding bodies against the DPRK. It will regard any involvement in them in any form as an infringement upon the sovereignty and security of the DPRK and force their perpetrators to pay a high price for their crimes. A spokesman for the DPRK Ministry of People’s Security declared this in a statement issued Wednesday in connection with the fact that forces hostile to the DPRK including those in the U.S. and Japan are working hard to fabricate what they call “evidence” and “proofs” by employing every conceivable means and despicable method to brand the DPRK as a “criminal state” and “lawless state” over “human rights abuse”, “drug smuggling” and “counterfeit notes.”

DPRK flagThe statement said: The CIA and plot-breeding organizations in Japan are working with blood-shot eyes to produce animation files aimed at attacking the DPRK after setting up organizations specializing in gathering photos and animation files related to the “human rights situation” and “drug and counterfeit notes” in the DPRK. They are now spending a colossal amount of fund for this operation.

In order to make the source of those information sound plausible, they are mass-producing video tapes and CDs for the above-said purpose even by use of animation processing technology on “makeshift stages” they have set up in the U.S. forces’ bases in a third country and in south Korea. They are even manipulating the sale of such things behind the scene to mass media in the U.S., Japan and South Korea. Those media of the U.S. and Japan are reprocessing the animation files and photos obtained in a more sophisticated manner before airing and distributing them. The GNP and other right-wing conservative forces in south Korea, as if they had waited for the opportunity to come, are becoming zealous in using this information for deterring the inter-Korean relations from improving and realizing their ambition to return to power.

We have obtained the following shocking information: The CIA secretly enlist experts on counterfeiting notes claimed to be the “most sophisticated in the world” and invite them to issue lots of fake currencies at “counterfeit notes printing houses of north Korean-style” operating in U.S. military bases in different parts of the world. Then they let these notes find their ways to the DPRK and go out of it in the course of commercial transaction in a desperate bid to term it “producer of counterfeit notes.” Such illegal practices on the part of the U.S. and the Japanese plot-breeding organizations are absolutely intolerable as they are shameless acts of defying elementary international law and a wanton violation of the sovereignty of the DPRK. The DPRK, too, has the right to strongly react to this vicious false propaganda launched by the hostile forces against it, according to its relevant law.

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