New Korean-related novels in English

For those of you who still have your copy of the FT weekend magazine from 27/28 May hanging about (or who are spendthrift enough to subscribe to, there’s details of two new novels in English with a Korean flavour — one just published, and one coming up later this year. Firstly, the one reviewed […]

Seoul’s redevelopment and the erosion of Gahoedong

At the London Korean Festival we’ve been treated to images of the revitalisation and greening of central Seoul, with displays of the Chonggyecheon reconstruction. However, there is an all-too-familiar flipside to modern construction projects: my attention has just been drawn to a website which catalogues the demolition of Seoul’s last few streets of traditional housing […]

Korean driving

Anyone who has been in a taxi in Busan will understand completely how Korea can be second in the OECD car accident rankings. (The mystery is: why only second, and how come there are any cars left on the road?) It must be something in the blood. Thanks to Tom Coyner for circulating this image […]

Amazing photos of early 20th century Korea

I paste below the text of an email just received from the curator of the Korean Heritage Library at the University of Southern California. Well worth a look. I am pleased to announce the publication of some RARE images of Korea on the Korean Heritage Library’s Website. The most complete captions currently available for these […]

Bong Joon-ho’s The Host acclaimed at Cannes

Breaking news, but I hear Bong Joon-ho’s film The Host has met with great critical acclaim at Cannes, receiving a standing ovation (which doesn’t surprise me, as Bong’s previous film, Memories of Murder, is the only film I can think of where I felt like applauding at the end). Here’s a quote from the New […]

Gig review: Crying Nut play the Mean Fiddler

What can one say about Crying Nut? Anarchic, mad, joyous. They opened the 2006 London Korean Festival last night in great style. While most of the audience was Korean, it was good to see some unaccompanied westerners at the gig, who seemed to be enjoying the show. Maybe they were there to support the backup […]

Wake Up for the World Cup

Good luck to the Red Devils as they prepare for football’s ultimate tournament. May their metatarsals remain intact. To cheer them on their way, ZiNi has written a theme song. Just go to ZiNi’s blog to hear it. The song’s title, Wake up for the World Cup, reflects the fact that because of the time […]