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Nobble your vicar

The organisation of the Global Week of Prayer for North Korea has been impressive. The website has been up for ages, allowing ample time for word-of-mouth. And then a week or so ago there was a bulk mailing. I happened to be around at the vicarage the other day for a meeting of the church finance committee and saw on the coffee table a flier which was basically a print of the home page of And the vicar didn’t just have it on display because he knows I’ve got this Korean thing going: he had just opened his post and this is what had just come out of the envelope. Someone has been stuffing envelopes and sending mailshots to, I guess, every church the length and breadth of the land. That’s a lot of stamps.

But vicars have a lot on their minds, and there are a lot of things in the parish and in the wider world which clamour for their attention. So just to make sure the power of prayer is mobilised to the full, send your vicar a friendly email to remind him (or her), or fill out one of those little prayer-request slips at the back of the church. It’s this week: 19 – 25 June.

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