Think Korea: Fantasia

An evening of traditional dance as part of Think Korea:


14 September 2006 7:30pm London, The Bloomsbury Theatre
16 September 2006 7:30pm Manchester, Bruntwood Theatre, Royal Northern College of Music


CFNMK Performing Art Group was founded on 20 July 2004, with the founding ideal of dressing Korean performing arts in new attire and promoting them around the world. CFNMK Performing Art Group has teams in the name of “Kang Mi-sun Gain Dance Company” repertoires, consisting of the dance team, Samulnori Team (Korean Drum Performance), Gugak Chamber Music ensemble which have been loved with the various performances in the field of Korean traditional performing arts.

CFNMK Performing Art Group has created many productions of korean traditional song, dance and Music. It has staged about 100 performances for a years. The members keep training to be a best.

Artists: Kang Mi Sun Gain Dance Company


Gyobang Dance – solo dance of Professor Kang Mi-sun
Sinkaldaesinmu – solo dance of Professor Kang Mi-sun
Cheongpungmyeongwol (Fresh Wind and Bright Moon)
Gongjak (Peacock) and Seonnyeo (Fairy) Dance, Hakchun (Dance of a Crane)

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