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Mingei one-day workshop at the British Museum

Mingei pot

Those who enjoyed the Traditional Yet Contemporary exhibition during the Korean Festival this year may appreciate this one-day workshop at the British Museum on 9 September, 10am-6pm. While the focus is on Japanese work, there is a common thread with the exhibition earlier this year: Bernard Leach. One or two of his works were on display at the Air Gallery.

The BM workshop is sponsored by the Sainsbury Institute, who introduce the day as follows:

This workshop will reassess the impact of Mingei, Bernard Leach and the concept of “craft” in order to revitalise the debate on resonances between Japanese and British craft.

Sounds very similar to the objectives of the Traditional Yet Contemporary show. And as if to cement the link, Beth McKillop of the V&A will be leading a talk on Korean perspectives on Mingei, while Takenaka Hitoshi of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies will ask: Why did Yanagi Soetsu favour Korean White Porcelain of the Choson Period?

Attendance is free: just turn up. Sainsbury Institute website is here.

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