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November and December at Asia House

Asia House logoAsia House’s programme for November and December landed on the doormat yesterday. A very enticing programme of events for followers of Korean culture, and a good reason to join, if you haven’t already.

The big events coming up are the art exhibition “Through the Looking Glass” and the performances of Oh Tae-suk’s version of Romeo and Juliet at the Barbican.

Associated with these twin pillars are some educational events: to go with the art exhibition

  • a panel discussion on the show (two and a half hours on Saturday morning, 25th November)
  • a lecture on South Korean artists’ responses to the issue of a divided Korea, on 11 December, and for those really serious in learning more
  • a three-month course on art and society in modern Korea, starting in January 2007.

That lot should satisfy those interested in the visual arts; while going with the Romeo and Juliet is

  • a lecture on Oh Tae-suk, Shakespeare and popular theatre (15 November)
  • a Saturday morning symposium on Shakespeare and Asian theatre (2 December)
  • a post-performance talk after the show on 30 November

All these events are on my events calendar. They’re not on the Asia House site yet – probably in the next few days. I’ll provide links from my calendar when they’re available.

Thanks to the organisers at Asia House, and to the sponsors, especially the Sungjoo group.

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