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DPRK responds to UN “anti-DPRK” resolution

Received from the DPRK embassy on 21 November 2006

A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry on 20th Nov. 2006 gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA Monday as regards the adoption of a “human rights resolution” against the DPRK at the third committee of the UN General Assembly:

The anti-DPRK “human rights resolution,” a product of the collusion and tie-up among hostile forces including the U.S. and the EU was railroaded through a meeting of the third committee of the 61st UN General Assembly on Nov. 17.

The resolution fabricated by hostile forces, toeing the U.S. line, is full of sheer lies that can convince no one as was the case with the similar one adopted last year.

For this reason the majority of UN member nations including almost all developing countries clarified their principled stands either by voting against it, abstaining from voting or boycotting the meeting.

This proves that the resolution, in fact, has no legal validity.

The U.S. and other hostile forces are sadly mistaken if they think they can frighten us by debasing and slandering the inviolable dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK over its “human rights issue”.

The U.S. and the EU had better put an end to their own human rights abuses before finding fault with the human rights performance in other countries.

We categorically reject the recent “human rights resolution” as a product of their anti-DPRK political plot.

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