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DPRK art exhibition coming to London

Wildlife painting by Pak Hyo Song
Wildlife painting by Pak Hyo Song

With commendable forward publicity for a Korean cultural event, I hear of an exciting DPRK art exhibition coming to London in July and August this year. From 18 July to 31 August at a gallery space just off Trafalgar Square, it’s early days yet to have full details. But we know that DPRK artist Pak Hyo-Song (박효성) will be present in person, and works primarily from the Mansudae art studio on display. There will be a wide range of work on show, from the propaganda work for which DPRK art is possibly best known, through other painting genres via ceramics to wood-cuts. There’s hope that there will be some other DPRK-related cultural activity connected with the exhibition (there is, for example, a screening room available at the gallery…). Watch this space for more news.

We think it’s the first time an event of this nature has been put on in London. David Heather has been working hard on putting this together for the past couple of years, and such projects don’t come cheap. So if there are any organisations out there who feel they wish to support this landmark event, get in touch with him at david DOT heather AT careandhealth DOT com.

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