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Image from BBC siteThe show’s not over yet on the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, but while there’s a lull in the proceedings I’m taking the opportunity to post a few links which I’ll update as necessary.

1. The text of the draft agreement

  • The full text – an index of all the pdf documents which make up the individual chapters
  • Press release containing links to a summary document and specific summaries of the auto and agricultural provisions

2. Coverage from the US perspective

Earlier this month, the Bush administration, under pressure from Congressional Democrats, agreed to new trade policy guidelines that will elevate labor and environmental rights to key components in future free trade agreements.

The new policy will apply immediately to pending deals with Peru and Panama. It also will become a part of accords already negotiated with South Korea and Colombia.

“The administration and Congress are still in the process of converting this agreement into formal text,” the USTR statement said, referring to the new guidelines. “When that process is complete, the United States looks forward to working together with Korea to reflect that agreement.”

3. Will Korea be open to renegotiation?

4. Earlier coverage

5. The Korean opposition

  • No FTA – Korean Alliance against KorUS FTA

6. The case FOR

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