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February events 2008

Choe Jeong-hwa's design for the interior of the KCCUK
Choe Jeong-hwa’s design for the interior of the KCCUK


The Korean Cultural Centre UK is now open. Pay it a visit. Join the library. Watch that TV drama you were always interested in but didn’t want to pay to buy. Browse round the opening exhibition, Good Morning Mr Nam June Paik.

Other exhibitions with Korean interest are


Virgin Snow will be shown at the cultural centre on 26 Feb, with a preview somewhere up in Hampstead on 23 Feb.

Books and Boffins

Talks include the continuing series on Friday evenings at SOAS (1 February – Paul French; 8 Feb – Gina Barnes; 22 Feb – Vladimir Tikhonov).

Tikhonov also speaks at the Senate House on 21 Feb on the subject of Sin Chaeho’s (1880-1936) Metamorphoses: Confucian Scholar, Social-Darwinist Nationalist and Anarchist. Room NG15, Senate House Building, University of London, 5pm

Dr Park Cheol-hee talks at the Korea Discussion Group on 19 February on Korean Foreign Policy Initiatives under the New Presidency

Glyn Ford MEP launches his new book North Korea on the Brink on 26 February in Probsthain’s bookshop, 6-8pm. Review here.

Classical Music

Ji-yeoun You (piano) performs Beethoven at LSE, lunchtime on Valentines Day

Hyun-ae Lee (violin) performs Schubert, Saint-Saens and Martinu at the Guildhall School on Feb 26, 7pm.

Stage and Stories
And an unusual event which deserves your support: Sef Townsend, fresh from a stint at the National Centre for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, tells some traditional Korean folk tales in Blackheath on Sunday 17 Feb.

In a similar vein, Moby Duck theatre company is touring The Kam Tree, “a show that’s as powerful as the tiger, as eye-catching as the sunset over Mount Seorak”.


The Korean Language Meetup meets up in New Malden this time around, to celebrate the New Year, on 9 Feb.

8 thoughts on “February events 2008

  1. “I hear rumours of a Korean film in Hampstead later this month, starring one of the lead actors from King and the Clown. More soon.”

    Are they making a Korean film in hampstead? or is a Korean film being shown in hampstead?

  2. Sorry – should have been clearer

    It’s a screening. Round about 23/24. The person who told me about it couldn’t remember the exact title, but remembered the actor. I searched imdb and couldn’t find a likely candidate.

    I also tried looking on the Everyman website but couldn’t see anything.

    My informant said she’d send me further info, but as I only just met her I don’t know whether I’ll hear from her.


  3. She mentioned the approximate name of the movie and I didn’t recognise it. It certainly wasn’t May 18. Maybe could have been Wild Card. In case it helps, my informant said it stars “the effeminate one” from the King and the Clown. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen KATC yet (it’s in the pile of unwatched DVDs), but I assume that means Kam Woo-seong. That would imply the film might be My Love, Big Bang or Alone in Love.

    Anyway, I’ll update this post as soon as I hear more. I’ve emailed a mutual contact in the hope of getting more info.

  4. ‘The effeminate one’ is Lee Jun Ki, and certainly not the pleasantly rugged Kam Woo-seong. Lee was a rather-too-familiar face for the rest of 2006 after the success of KATC, with ubiquitious ‘CF’ (advert) appearances. Despite this his next film Fly,Daddy, Fly was a complete flop, so hopefully it’s not that one being shown!

  5. Thanks. Showing my ignorance. I just assumed that the first two names mentioned in the imdb listing would be (1) the king and (2) the clown. And I thought the clown was the effeminate one.

    But now you’ve given me that info, I’m pretty sure that the name of the film to be shown in Hampstead is Virgin Snow. Which seems to be a Japanese / Korean co-production.

  6. As it was a co production Virgin Snow didn’t pop into my head dunno why.

    “The effeminate one” is in May 18 aswell 😛 although his role doesn’t seem as prominent in May 18 compared to Virgin Snow.

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