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Easter celebrity round-up

It’s been a while since I rounded up some of the celebrity news as an excuse for posting some pictures, so here’s some recent items:

First – Brits with Korean connections:

Korea Beat has a translation of an interview with David Beckham, recently in Korea with LA Galaxy

David Beckham in Korea

Kate Moss gets an advertising contract with Korean fashion brand GGPX

Kate Moss GGPX

Next, Korean celebs with Chinese actors in Hong Kong:

Jeon Do-yeon picking up Best Actress at the Asian Film Awards (for her performance in Secret Sunshine), with Tony Leung (best actor, for Lust, Caution).

Jeon Do-yeon and Tony Leung

And Choi Ji-woo with Chow Yun-Fat. For full explanation, visit the Marmot.

Choi Ji-woo and Chow Yun-Fat

Next, Korean celebs earning money (or not) from product promotion

Rain, who has been rather invisible of late, pops up in a Nikon commercial

Jeon Ji-hyun, now known as Gianna Jun in the West as a result of her appearance in The Last Vampire, launches the Gianna jeans brand

Gianna Jeans

Next, Ivy, who according to the Chosun is being sued by a cosmetics company which Ivy “promotes”.

The company claims Ivy’s lies and scandal-plagued private life have tarnished the company’s brand image, as cosmetics are greatly dependent on the image of their spokesmodels.


Finally, wedding wishes to Jumong star Song Il-gook, who tied the knot last weekend (15 March)

Song Il-gook wedding

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