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The wait is over: Kim Ki-young on DVD

Kim Ki-Young box setAt least in part.

No student of Korean film can call his or her education complete until they’ve seen some films by Kim Ki-Young. Until now, none of the films have been available on DVD.

Alas, no Housemaid yet, but this new four-film boxed set includes Goryeojang (a.k.a. Burying Old Alive) (1963), Chungnyeo (a.k.a. The Insect Woman) (1972), Promises (a.k.a. Promises of the Flesh) (1975), and Ieoh Island (a.k.a. Iodo) (1975), plus (according to the blurb at YesAsia) special features that includes commentaries by film critic Kim Young Jin and director Bong Joon Ho (presumably without subtitles), plus a photo gallery and 35 minutes of interview clips of the legendary director.

The set will be available from YesAsia from 10 July


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