Qi Masters in Broadgate Circle and the Scoop

Details of two upcoming outdoor events in the City, sponsored by the Innersound Foundation

InnsersoundSunday 19th July 2009 – 1:00pm-2:00pm at “The Scoop” Riverside – Near Tower Bridge
Monday 20th July 2009 – 12:30pm & 5.45pm at The Broadgate Circle – Nearest Tube: Liverpool St


Qi Masters from South Korea are coming to London to perform an ancient dance, music and healing art that demonstrate the creative principles of the universe.

Samul Nori – traditional Korean percussion sounds of nature.
Nanta Wild Drumming – Korean folk music mixed with modern musical forms.
Haneul 12 steps Qi training – ancient healing art to receive vital energy from the universe and the earth to create health, happiness and harmony.
The Dance of the Phoenix – the legendary Phoenix rise from the ashes shows the ebb and flow of universal energy and how humanity can live in harmony with nature.

** Free Chunsoo energy treatments after the event ** – Re-energisig for the body and relaxing for the mind, and based on Oriental traditional medicine.

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