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Autumn 2009 / Spring 2010 seminar series at SOAS

Details of the new season of free evening Korean Studies seminars at SOAS:

SOASlogoAll seminars take place in room G50 unless marked otherwise

Friday, October 16th, 5pm
Dr. James Hoare, SOAS
The Other Korea: North Korea in pictures

Friday, October 23rd, 5pm
Jiyoung Song, Cambridge University
“Our style” human rights of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Friday, November 6th, 5pm
Dr. Stephen Epstein, Victoria University of Wellington
“Asia! Asia! – South Korean Popular Culture and “Asia” in the New Millennium

Friday, November 20th, 5pm
Dr. Martine Robbeets, University of Mainz
Korean and the Transeurasian languages: similarities that make a difference

Friday, November 27th, 5pm
Prof. Wookhee Shin, Seoul National University / SOAS
US-North Korean Relations and the Peace System in the Korean Peninsula: A Historical Inquiry

Friday, December 4th, 5pm
Dr. Michael Shin, Cambridge University
Melodrama of the Modern Girl: The Novel Jaesaeng by Yi Gwangsu (1924-25)

Friday, January 22nd, 5pm
Warwick Morris, Former UK Ambassador to ROK

Friday, January 29th, 5pm
Jung-Shim Lee, Leiden University
Han Yongun’s novelette Death (1924): A monk’s fictionalized nation-building project in question

Friday, February 5th, 5pm
Dr. Isabelle Sancho, EHESS
A glimpse at the intimacy of Confucian scholars: a study of the 16th century scholars-officials’ correspondence

Friday, March 12th, 5pm
Dr. Katarzyna Crwiertka, Leiden University
Colonialism, Food and the Nation: Chewing on Korea’s Modern History

Friday, March 19th, 5pm
Dr. Aino Rinhaug, University of Oslo
Korean Adoptee Artists: Discourses of Migration, Exhile and Transversality


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