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November events 2009

Bong Joon-ho
Bong Joon-ho

Featured events

  • The London Korean Film Festival comes to the Barbican from 5 November, dovetailing and sometimes clashing with a Bong Joon-ho retrospective (1-14 Nov) at the South Bank. If you’re a BFI member you might have got tickets for the Q&A with Director Bong. If not, tough luck. [Update: more tickets now released]
  • The London festival tours to Manchester (7-9 Nov) and Nottingham (16-18 Nov). More details on
  • Nottingham Trent University is holding a series of Korean events in November – a concert on 1 November, and an exhibition of antique Korean maps till 22 November. If you want to catch up with Director Bong, he will be doing a Q&A in Nottingham on 16 November
  • JUMP! returns to the Peacock, 3 – 21 November


  • South Korea play Serbia at Craven Cottage (Fulham FC) at 2:30 on 18 November. Tickets from £12. Daehan Minguk.

Visual arts / antiques

  • It’s Asian Art in London week till 7 November. Expect to find a lot of the oriental galleries pulling out all the stops to bring ceramics and screens to market.
  • I-MYU opens up in the West End for the week, with a show of work by Lee Lee-nam and Lee Gil-woo at Alon Zakaim Fine Art
  • SaLon gallery shows work by Dorothy Yoon till 22 November.
  • The Earth Alert exhibition continues at the KCC until 28 November. Some great photos of Saemangeum, for those who have been following that particular issue.



  • Kiejo Sarsfield is giving two of her fun cookery classes on 14 and 28 November


  • Stephen Epstein talks about Images of North Korea in South Korean Pop Culture in Cambridge on 2 November, Between Some (Korean!) Rocks and a Large Place: Japan, China, and South Korean Popular Media in Oxford on 4 November and then South Korean Popular Culture and “Asia” in the New Millennium at SOAS on 6 November. (Choose between the latter and Kim Ki-duk’s Bi-mong at the Barbican)
  • North Korean refugees talk about their experiences on 3 November in Portcullis House
  • Dan Martin introduces the films of Yu Hyun-mok at the Korean Film Festival before the double-bill on 10 November
  • The Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project will be holding an evening entitled Innovative Korea — From Past to Present at the KCC on 18 November
  • Martine Robeets talks at SOAS on Korean and the Transeurasian languages: similarities that make a difference on 20 November
  • James Grayson talks at the KCC on Ch’udo yebae: Christian Accommodation to Korean Ancestral Rites on 24 November
  • Shin Wookhee talks at SOAS on US-North Korean Relations and the Peace System in the Korean Peninsula: A Historical Inquiry on 27 November (for a complete list of this season of SOAS seminars click here)

Further ahead

  • Yi Chul-jin is back in town, and will be performing authentic Korean traditional dance at Roehampton on 2 December

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  1. Thought you’d like to know that the BFI have shifted the “Mother”/Bong Joon-ho conversation into NFT 1 now, so there’s a second chance to get tickets. Apparently this renders existing seat allocations useless, but, hey, good news for those who missed out, non?


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