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S Korea v Serbia: interviews with Kim Nam Il and Lee Chung Yong

Aashish Gadhvi gets up close and personal with Kim Nam Il and Lee Chung Yong


South Korea were recently in London to play Serbia, and thanks to the help of many people who I am very grateful to, I was able to interview two members of the team. Firstly I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone who helped make these interviews possible. I would also like to say an extra thank you to my good friend Moon Sung Joo for his translations.

Kim Nam Il (김남일) is a veteran whose nickname is ‘The Vacuum Cleaner’ due to his skills as a holding midfielder. He was an integral part of the legendary 2002 team and also played in 2006. He rose to fame in 2002, not just on the field but also off it, becoming a media darling:

Kim Nam Il (김남일)

Lee Chung Yong (이청용) is the latest Korean to hit the English Premier League. He has become a cult favourite at Bolton Wanderers after his stellar performances. He is a quick-footed winger with plenty of flair and will no doubt play a big role in the 2010 World Cup:

Lee Chung Yong (이청용)

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