Come, Come, Come Upwards at the KCC

To coincide with their exhibition of Buddhist art opening this week, the KCC’s film screenings this month have a Buddhist theme. First, on Thursday this week, 8 April, is Im Kwon-taek’s Come, Come, Come Upwards (아제 아제 바라아제)


Come Come Come UpwardsA high school girl student Soon-nyeo’s father, Buddhist monk Yun Bong, dies. The paternal pain is the only legacy her father left her. Soon-nyeo leaves behind her money-lending mother for Deokam Temple, where she serves Buddhist monk Eun-seon as a Buddhist nun. Soon-nyeo saves a man named Pak Hyun-wu and so starts her ‘violation of commandments’ and she deals with endless conflict. Soon-nyeo meets Monk Jin-sung who is searching for ‘the way’ of spiritual morality as he travels along the southern coast. They begin to work at a hospital on Bi-geum Island where Soon-nyeo experiences the pain of humans. Soon-nyeo tries to save Song Ki-sa but is unable to. After Song Ki-sa’s death, Soon-nyeo returns to Deokam Temple where she learns about the infinite value of truth, freedom, and salvation from Buddhist monk Eun-seon.

As usual, the screening starts at 7pm and pre-registration is required by emailing or phoning 0204 004 2600

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