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LKL welcomes new contributors

At LKL, we’re not a closed shop. We’re always looking for new people with different angles on things Korean who might want to join the merry band of contributors. You don’t have to contribute regularly or frequently. You don’t have to be based in London. What’s most important is that you have a passion about the subject. What’s not important is that you have English as a first language: we can always help polish your prose. If you have things that you’d like to see on LKL but can’t find, why not write about them yourself?

We’ve been lucky in the past couple of weeks: two new contributors have stepped forward. Coming very soon, Bella Frey, who is Korean-born but was adopted at an early age and has spent most of her life in Britain, gives an intensely personal account of what Korean food means to her. We hope you like it.

Also coming soon from Ivan Shyr is an interview with Yu Seo-yeon, a talented ballerina at English National Ballet. Ivan contacted me a couple of weeks ago to suggest more dance and theatre coverage, so I suggested in return that he volunteer, and he didn’t need much persuasion. Thanks, Ivan. I hope the interview goes well.

I’m also hoping that we’ll soon have a specialist writer on Korean herbal medicine, but I’m not going to mention names yet lest she feels her arm is being twisted too hard.

And Jiyoung-ssi: you’re trying to convince me that Korea has a distinct gardening culture. So write me an article!

Anyone who has ideas about topics you think might be a good fit with what LKL is all about, drop me a note via the contact form. If you think we should be covering something that we’re not, let us know. If you think we could be doing more of something, tell us. If you’re short of ideas at what to write about, we’re always short of people to do film reviews, drama reviews, CD reviews, event reports and the like. Don’t be shy.

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