Daewonsa – the 108 Bows

Thursday 6 May. The time has arrived for the 108 bows. Strangely, we are told to meet in the car park. But that’s where a large side chapel has recently been built, mainly to minister to visitors on the temple stay programme. The chapel at the moment has none of the internal decoration of the […]

Fashion & Passion: Knitting Design at the KCC

News of an unusual exhibition at the KCC, starting today: The 12th KSKD Knit Invitational Exhibition 2010: “Fashion & Passion”, 26th July – 31st July 2010 at the Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK. KSKD stands for Korean Society of Knitting Design which aims to encourage access to knitwear design trends in various different ways. KSKD […]

Daewonsa – the magic at sundown

Thursday 6 May 2010. A monk sits in the corner of the room, brewing yellow tea, while we sit on the floor around the main table. Perfectly ripe fruits are laid out in front of us, including some of Sancheong’s famous strawberries. The conversation rumbles on, I’m not sure about what, because it was all […]

Seeing: 5 female artists from Korea

News of an upcoming exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RJ, 2 – 7 August. Seeing: 5 female artists from Korea Artists: Honey Im, Hyemin Park, Jeehee Park, Jihee Kim, Woorim Chu Duration: From 2nd to 7th of August 2010 Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8:30 am – 6:30 pm Private […]

Chichester’s finest Korean chef

Inkun Kim, 26, from Seoul, Korea, is the newest chef to have joined the Dining Room (or as many locals still know it, Arthur Purchase’s) in a beautiful Georgian building on Chichester, West Sussex. And he’s already put kimbap on the menu. I’m impressed. He graduated at Korea Culinary Arts Science High School, the best […]