The entertainment industry in the news

Some recent articles on the spread of K-pop in 2010, and on the darker side of the industry. K-Pop Online: Korean Stars Go Global with Social Media – TIME #. Underage celebs suffer mistreatment, says the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (Korea Times, 27 Aug) Sexy moves provoke debate over teen idols, says […]

Bedevilled to screen at Frightfest

Frightfest is becoming as much a feature of the August Bank Holiday weekend as the Notting Hill Carnival. Given Korea’s track record in producing scary movies you can usually count on there being a K-film or two. This year it’s Bedevilled, screening on Monday afternoon 30 August. The stills look promising. From the KCC website: […]

2010 Travel Diary #37: The Last King of Gaya

Korea is rightly proud of its heritage, and submits the most select elements of its long history to UNESCO for inscribing in the list of important world heritage items. One of the most recent items to have been so listed is the Joseon Dynasty Royal Tombs. They are beautifully peaceful places to visit. Perfectly manicured […]

Korea’s Hip Hop heritage

Bea Lesaca of HardKnockRadio traces the origins of Korea’s Hop Hop culture. Do You Know About Hip Hop’s Korean Roots? Hip Hop in Korea has grown so much over the past 20 years. Personally, I believe that a large part of it is thanks to break dancing, which delivered this culture to a larger audience. […]

Concert notes: Uangel at the KCC

When I heard that Uangel (, a Korean popera group, was going to be performing at the Korean Cultural Centre I jumped at the chance to go. Recently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe and on a humanitarian tour of hospitals, this last minute addition to their tour was a real treat. The hall at the […]