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Additional SOAS seminar: Introducing the P’yongyang Project

Today’s evening seminar is postponed, but there’s an extra one being slotted in on Monday, 7 March at 5pm in room G2 of the SOAS main building. And don’t forget Pak Youngsook’s lecture this afternoon.

Title: Introducing the P’yongyang project
Speaker: Nicholas Young and Matthew Reichel

Monday, 7 March 2011, 5pm.

Pyongyang Project

The P’yongyang Project, founded in April of 2009, is a non-profit academic project that pioneers a grassroots and humanistic approach to engaging the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). The mission is to forge a new level of academic cooperation and cultural exchange between North Koreans and Westerners.

In this seminar the co-managers of the project, Nicholas Young and Matthew Reichel will introduce project activities such as

  1. The North South Dialogue Project, a two-week program that challenges 8 students from the West and 8 students from China to brainstorm solutions for maintaining regional stability and furthering peace between the two Koreas. This program travels through China, North Korea and South Korea, and will incorporate workshops, visits to NGOs, academic panels and university lectures.
  2. THiNK (Transcending History in North Korea) is an intensive Korean Language Summer Study Program in P’yongyang—the first study abroad program for Westerners in the DPRK. This two-month language program is based at Kim Il Sung University. During the weekdays, students live in KISU dorms while studying intensive Korean language taught by North Korean teachers. Students will also be paired with North Korean university students who will act as their “language partners”. Through a two-way exchange of language, students will teach other English and Korean and learn more about each other’s lives.
  3. Delegation Programs: 10-day programs that allow participants to explore the DPRK by interacting with North Korean locals and a combination of academic discussions, travel, and group bonding activities. These programs provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the core issues facing the nation and the region.

Everybody interested in North Korea and this project are welcome!


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