Please Look After Mother serialised on BBC Book at Bedtime

Please Look After Mother coverThose who haven’t got around to reading Shin Kyung-sook’s massively successful Please Look After Mother yet (not that you have any excuse – it’s a very easy and quick read in Kim Chi-young’s translation) can now digest it in very easy chunks before going to bed. It has been abridged and serialised for radio, and will be broadcast in seven 15-minute episodes at 10:45pm, on weekdays starting 2 June. You can probably listen to it on the BBC website as well.

BBC Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime is a long-running radio show devoted to “readings from modern classics, new works by leading writers and literature from around the world.”

Please Look After Mother has also been turned into a stage play, and (according to the BBC website) a film. It has been published in 19 countries and has managed to acquire at least four different cover images (not sure which countries the image above right is designed for).

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