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North Korean refugee gives testimony

Kim Hye Sook with two of her paintings
Kim Hye Sook with two of her paintings. Photo: BBC
  • Radio interview with Kim Hye Sook, an escapee from one of North Korea's prison camps, on the BBC website: #
  • The testimony of concentration camp escapees before the All Party Parliamentary Group now seems to be an annual event. This year courtesy of Christian Solidarity Worldwide
  • Michael Rank reports from the hearing in the House of Lords: “Some of what [Kim Hye Sook] said was unbelievable, which isn’t to say it isn’t true – including a woman who killed her son and sold the body to a butcher for meat. She was given corn in return. Kim said she heard the woman was publicly executed but this wasn’t confirmed. Kim was in Camp 18, not Yudok (Camp 15), I believe she is one of the few ex-prisoners who has spoken about a camp other than Yudok. She said Camp 14 was nearby, prisoners would sometimes try to cross over into 14 as it was rumoured to have more food than 18, they would of course be punished for this.” His photo of the hearing can be found in his Flickr account
Kim Hye Sook in one of the House of Lords committee rooms
Kim Hye Sook in one of the House of Lords committee rooms (photo: Michael Rank)

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