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Korean Artists Association UK in call for new members

The Korean Artists Association UK exists principally as a network of those Korean artists, of whatever discipline, who have chosen to make their home in the UK. They have an annual exhibition at the KCC, usually with music and dance performance, and meet regularly at the KCC to discuss their future plans. Interested parties are encouraged to learn more using the below contact information.

재영한인예술인협회 회원 모집 (Korean Artists Association UK)

KAA crane logo재영한인예술인협회는 영국사회에 한인들의 우수한 문화예술을 전파하고 재영 한인들의 예술에 대한 인식을증대시키며 예술인들 상호간의 친목과 권익보호를 위해 노력하고 있는 단체입니다. 이에 협회에서는 올해로 16회를 맞아 신입회원 예술인을 모집하고 있습니다.

분야: 순수조형, 디자인, 사진, 영상, 문학, 음악, 무용,공연등의 예술인 그리고 예술일반 (기획, 이론, 큐레이터)

자격: 예술분야에서 전문적으로 활동을 하고있는 한국인. 외국인도 한국 문화와 예술에 관심이 있는 분은 가입이 가능

접수 방법: 아래 이메일로 문의하시면 입회원서를 보내드립니다.

이메일: [email protected]

Call for New Members

Korean Artists Association UK was formed to promote cultural exchange between the Republic of Korea and the UK, and to further the interests and activities of Korean artists working in the UK. This year the association celebrates its 16th anniversary, and it is looking for talented new members to participate in forthcoming events that are being planned.

Disciplines: All discipline of Visual Arts (painting, installation, design, photography, media art etc) and Performing Arts, Curator, Arts Organiser and Literature.

Eligibility: Professional Korean Artists who have been resident in UK.

Guest members: Non-Koreans who are interested in Korean culture are welcome as guest members.

Contact Email: [email protected]

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