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A thesis on DPRK Environmental Management – in six tweets

University of Leeds logoTomorrow (11 December) between 9am and 5pm (GMT), Robert Winstanley-Chesters will be participating in the Leeds University “Tweet your Thesis” Competition. During these hours he will be attempting to present his pending PhD dissertation entitled “Landscape as Political Project?” Environmental Management in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as six tweets.

He says he’s never tweeted before, which is an additional challenge. His aim is to present his research into the various elements of North Korean forestry and coastal management filled with authentic Kim Il Sung quotations in six tweets, and with an attempt at a haiku on utopia built in. He hopes you all find it interesting and entertaining.

For those who are indeed interested (I certainly am) you can find the competition via the twitter handle #UoLTweCon – his tweets will be attached via the unimaginative subhandle @gy07r3m – I think you will also be able to follow it at the website as well, but, as he says,

surely that won’t have all the early twenty first century zeitgeistyness of catching all the “action” live on twitter itself!

I anticipate my first tweet being at 11:30am and my last being at 14:30pm – Apologies to anyone who lives in KST or JST for whom this will all happen in the middle of the night and so will have to reconstruct all the excitement later!


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