Introducing… The Kimchi Project

When Koreaphiles get together for the first time, the opening conversational gambit is usually: “So, how did you get interested in Korea, then?” The answer is usually that friends, film or music, or a combination of all three, provided the entry into Korean culture. With Antonia Mochan, it’s a slightly different story. “I was on […]

Jeonju Film Fest to focus on Kim Young-ha

This is the kind of news I like. This year the program of the Jeonju International Film Festival will include “short films based on Korean writers’ short stories, thereby creating opportunities for good Korean literature to be introduced overseas. The focus this year will be KIM Young-ha. KIM Young-ha’s novel, I have a right to […]

Looking back at 2012: Domestic news

In our final round-up of Korea-related stories which caught our eye in 2012, we look at domestic and business news. Modern Life and how to escape it. Korea came 24th out of 34 leading countries in an OECD quality of life index, coming bottom of the class in job security and gender income inequality and […]

Looking back at 2012: DPRK and regional news

In the third of four round-ups of things that caught our eye in 2012, we look back at some of the stories from the DPRK and Seoul’s external relations. DPRK The leadership transition proceeded smoothly, contrary to many observers’ expectations. Kim Jong-un showed that he had inherited his father’s expensive tastes, with a story that […]

One of the world’s most dangerous foods?

According to Yahoo news, sannakji (산낙지) is one of the world’s most dangerous foods. As described in the article it doesn’t sound dangerous at all: “Minimal preparation is required as raw baby octopus is simply dismembered, smothered in sesame oil and served. The problem is that each tentacle of an octopus encompasses its own brain, […]

The boom in literature museums

Those of you who saw Eungyo at the London Korean Film Festival 2012 may remember that the older author was talking with city officials about building a literature museum in his honour (and trying to avoid the honour). According to an article in today’s Joongang Ilbo, the building of literature museums has become rather a […]

SOAS Seminar: The Korean Police Prepare for War, 1946-1950

The second SOAS seminar of the spring term: Martyrs and Murderers: The Korean Police Prepare for War, 1946-1950 Konrad Lawson (Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow, European University Institute) Date: 25 January 2013 Time: 5:15 – 7:00 PM Venue: Russell Square, College Buildings, Room G50 Speaker Biography Konrad Lawson is a Max Weber postdoctoral fellow at the […]

January in the KTO 2013 Calendar

Does anyone have the Korean Tourism Organisation’s 2013 Calendar entitled Discovering the Path to Korea? January is particularly fine: Dodamsambong Peaks, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 도담삼봉 단양군 충청북도 [Map]. Photo by Seung-jin Song. Another place to put on the list to visit.

Some well-decorated North Korean generals

Too good not to share. From Alexander Choi’s Facebook page, North Korean generals in full regalia. Quips left below the photo include “and you haven’t seen what’s on their backs…” “a testament to North Korean medicine that they are able to bear all that weight” There are of course questions as to whether the image […]