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Yonhap feature on living in New Malden

New Malden Station (Photo - Niels Footman)

Very interesting feature on the Koreans of New Malden, by Niels Footman of Yonhap. Two contrasting quotes set the scene:

Two years ago, at a meeting of the Kingston Racial Equality Council … the incumbent member of parliament Ed Davey said that because much of the Korean population is transitory, “they feel less of a need to integrate and are not as open. That is a challenge for us.”

“It’s not easy to get along with British because they don’t open themselves up,” says Misun Jang, who teaches art history classes at the Korean Community Center in Raynes Park, near New Malden. “I think English women can be quite moody and British men don’t show themselves.”

Read the full feature here.

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