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Save a poster, win a flat – Pyongyang traffic cop gets rewarded

Ri Kyong Sim
Ri Kyong Sim receives her Hero of the Republic award (image from North Korean TV news)

Why did traffic controller Ri Kyong Sim get rewarded with the title of Hero of the Republic, together with a new flat for herself and her family?

Recently she safeguarded the headquarters of the revolution in an unexpected situation by displaying her heroic self-sacrificing spirit of defending the leader resolutely,

says the Rodong Sinmun on 10 May. New Focus International has a more detailed story from sources in Pyongyang:

A fire broke out opposite the cross-roads traffic-post where Ri Kyong-Sim was on duty. When the propaganda poster with Kim Jong Un’s name caught on fire, Ri went to put it out.

According to the report, under North Korea’s Grade 1 War-Readiness State, there are “stepped-up efforts to protect icons and statues depicting the Kims”, and the poster in question had Kim Jong Un’s name on it.

Ri shows off her award
Ri shows off her award

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