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The first Korea-UK Dream Film Festival

I wish I’d heard about this earlier. We’ve already missed the first evening of the festival, and unfortunately for the second evening on 1 July you’re going to have to choose between this, an interesting talk at the KCC, and an introduction to the Kimchi Project.

‘Korea – UK Student Dream film festival 2013’ (KUDFF) dreams a film festival that communicates with film made by students.


Movie is a good tool to communicate each other.

We want to introduce our culture and life story through movies that are not that pretty but have sincerity. And we want to see UK’s stories.

It must be a good experience to both us and audience who want to make movies.

28 June 2013, 7pm
1 July 2013, 7pm

The Cinema Museum The Masters House, 2 Dugard Way, off Renfrew Road, London, SE11 4TH Tel.: +44 (0)20 7840 2200

Transport: Nearest tube/train stations: Kennington (Northern Line) and Elephant and Castle (Northern and Bakerloo lines, and BR) are both within easy walking distance.
Bus routes: Routes 109, 133, 155, 159, 196, 333 and 415 stop within 3 minutes’ walk; 1, 12, 35, 40, 45, 53, 63, 68, 100, 148, 168, 171, 172, 17, 188, 468, 453, C10, 363, 343, 344 and P5 all stop at the Elephant and Castle; additionally routes 3, 59 and 159 along Kennington Road are also under 10 minutes’ walk away

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The films featured are as follows, but it’s not clear which short is on which day. All films have English subtitles.

Good Day to Mess Up (15′)
Good Day to Mess UpDir: Park Junhyoung
After elder sister broke up with her boyfriend, her younger brother’s life is getting messed up! This is the story about funny brother and sister.

Beyond the Dark (24′)
Beyond the DarkDir: Jung Seo-young
Same class, same room. But we are so different from each other. This movie shows our faces that getting more individual.

Fucking English (21′)
Fucking EnglishDir: Song Chul-gu
Most Korean students’ trouble is English! They only want to get high score in English! This documentary deals with Korea’s educational paradox very sharply and witty.

Knocking on South Door (13′)
Knocking on South DoorDir: Jo Byeonghoon
Soldiers who are working in sentry post meet unexpected guest. North Korean escapes their own country at the risk of their life. Are they truly free at all?

Unexpected Vacation (23′)
Unexpected VacationDir: Shim Chanyang
Brother’s military vacation. But his brother killed himself because of bullying. This movie has a point of victim’s family toward the bullying problem.

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