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Modl Theatre Company brings A Romance from Edinburgh to London

I saw this enchanting play at the Fringe last week, and would certainly recommend you to try it out. I might even come along myself to watch it again. It lasts less than an hour.

A Romance – from Modl Theatre Company

Modl Theatre Company: A Romance

Date: 7pm, Friday 30 August 2013
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK
Admission Free
Booking: [email protected] / 020 7004 2600

In male-dominated 19th century Korea, a woman’s place was in the home, and often out of sight of the household’s men. But it was in the home that they managed to find a kind of imaginative freedom: alone together, women would gather to work, play and dream. In these hidden quarters, literate women could read to illiterate ones, and a love of stories, especially of romances, flourished.

A Romance is inspired by some of the stories and fantasies these women read and imagined together. It was not uncommon for even illiterate women to recite whole chunks of the hugely popular novel The Story of Lady Sukyoung, and the play draws on this – together with traditional music, dance and shadows – to tell a tale of six women and their love stories.

‘the best thing on the Fringe’
British Theatre

‘What the Fringe is all about’

‘Stunning visual transformations’

‘Sensual storytelling and a fantastic atmosphere, Powerful Acting’
Today’s Theatre in Seoul, online magazine

Modl Theatre weave a tale of a noble family preparing for their daughter’s wedding: of sewing in a secret room whilst the bride reads aloud to thank the illiterate servants for their work. Late into the night they share their own personal stories. The play is performed with traditional music and costumes.

Established in 1989, Modl Theatre has acquired a reputation for high quality performance through Korean and international tours, and is also committed to performing work to those with limited exposure to the arts, including children with learning dsabilities and those living on island villages. Since 2008, Modl has presented two best-selling five star shows at C venues at the Edinburgh Fringe: Love in a Dream, Mong-Yeon and Dandelion Story.

One thought on “Modl Theatre Company brings A Romance from Edinburgh to London

  1. Quotes from someone who was also performing at the Fringe and who saw the show on my recommendation – – Anh Chu @AnhChuWriter:
    * “Saw ‘A Romance’ @colinb8. Mind. Blown. What a stunning show! Thanks for the recommend!! #EdFringe”
    * “Londoners – please watch this beautiful Korean show ‘A Romance’ this Friday! SO good!”

    I’ve put some comments of my own here:

    To repeat something I say there, whilst the words “enchanting” (Philip Gowman) and “charming” (a man in the audience) are not inaccurate (the piece is both), I think it’s much much more than is implied by those words.

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