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LKFF 2013: the schedule in detail

Here’s the full schedule of the London Korean Film Festival 2013 for you to optimise your viewing pleasure in the coming fortnight. Full details on the festival’s official website,

Time Title Theme Runtime Venue
Screenings in London and Kingston
Od = Odeon; Cur = Curzon
WE = West End; CG = Covent Garden; PS = Panton Street; So = Soho; Ki = Kingston
Thursday 7 November
7:00pm Hide and Seek – Huh Jung, 2013 (15) + Q&A with actor Son Hyun-joo and Tony Rayns (Thriller) Opening Gala 107mins Od WE
Friday 8 November
6:15pm Mai Ratima – Yoo Ji-tae, 2013 (18) (Romance) Panorama 126mins Od PS
7:00pm Day Trip (Drama / Fantasy, PARKing CHANce, 19mins, 2012) | Jury (Drama / Comedy, Kim Dong-ho, 24 mins, 2012) | Ongoing Smile (Documentary, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 52 mins, 2012) + Q&A with director Kim Dong-ho and Tony Rayns Shorts 95mins Od CG
8:45pm Code Name: Jackal – Bae Hyung-joon, 2012 (15) (Comedy) K-Comedy 107mins Od PS
Saturday 9 November
1:45pm Rough Play – Shin Yeon-shick, 2013 (18) (Drama) Panorama 98mins Od PS
2:00pm Pororo: The Racing Adventure – Park Yeong-gyoon, 2013 (U) (Children’s) Animation 77mins Od CG
2:00pm Public Enemy Returns – Kang Woo-suk, 2008 (15) (Thriller) Retrospective 127mins KCCUK
4:00pm Miracle in Cell 7 – Lee Hwan-kyung, 2013 (15) (Comedy, Drama) Hits 127mins Od PS
4:30pm Bolts & Blip – Peter Lepeniotis, 2012 (U) (Children’s) Animation 77mins Od CG
4:30pm Bhikkhuni – Lee Chang-jae, 2013 (U) (Documentary) Rayns’s Choice 104mins Od PS
7:00pm Kim Ji-woon shorts: One Perfect Day (Romance, 34 mins, 2013) | Heavenly Creature (Sci-fi drama, 34 mins, 2012) | Present (Thriller 30 mins, 2009) | Coming Out (Horror, 45 mins, 2000) + Q&A with Kim Ji-woon Shorts 143mins Od CG
8:45pm Mise en Scene Short Films 1 Shorts 124mins Od PS
Sunday 10 November
2:00pm Secretly, Greatly – Jang Cheol-soo, 2013 (15) (Action) Hits 123mins Od CG
2:00pm How to use guys with secret tips –  Lee Won-suk, 2013 (15) (Comedy) K-Comedy 116mins Od PS
2:00pm Two Cops – Kang Woo-suk, 1993 (15) (Action, Comedy) Retrospective 110mins KCCUK
4:30pm South Bound – Im Soon-rye, 2013 (15) (Comedy / Drama) Rayns’s Choice 121mins Od CG
4:30pm The Red Scarf – Shin Sang-ok, 1964 (War) Classics 100mins Od PS
6:30pm Montage – Jeong Keun-seob, 2013 (15) (Thriller) Hits 120mins Od CG
6:30pm Silmido – Kang Woo-suk, 2003(15) (Drama, Thriller) Retrospective 135mins Od PS
8:45pm Pluto – Shin Su-won, 2012 (15) (Drama) Panorama 114mins Od CG
Monday 11 November
6:30pm The Marines who Never Returned – Lee Man-hee, 1963 (War) + Introduction from Mark Morris Classics 110mins Cur So
7:00pm Flu – Kim Sung-woo, 2013 (15) (Action, Drama) + Q&A with Kim Sung-woo Hits 121mins Od CG
Tuesday 12 November
4:00pm Korean Cinema Forum with directors Kang Woo-suk and Kim Sung-soo and critics Tony Rayns and Oh Dong-jin Talk 90mins KCCUK
6:00pm Public Enemy – Kang Woo-suk, 2002 (18) (Thriller) + Q&A with Kang Woo-suk, actor Sol Kyung-gu and critic Oh Dong-jin Retrospective 138mins Cur So
Wednesday 13 November
6:00pm Behind the Camera – E J-yong, 2013 (12) (Mockumentary) + Q&A with E J-yong and actress Youn Yuh-jung In front of the camera 85mins Cur So
6:00pm Hope – Lee Joon-ik, 2013 (12) (Drama) + Q&A with actor Sol Kyung-gu In front of the camera 122mins Od CG
8:45pm Mise en Scene Short Films 2 Shorts 124mins Od PS
Thursday 14 November
6:30pm Piagol – Lee Kang-cheon, 1955 (War) Classics 110mins Cur So
6:30pm Fatal – Lee Don-ku, 2013 (18) (Drama) Panorama 103mins Od PS
7:30pm Fist of Legend – Kang Woo-suk 2013 (18) (Action) + Q&A with Kang Woo-suk Retrospective 153mins Od CG
7:30pm Hope – Lee Joon-ik, 2013 (12) (Drama) + Q&A with actor Sol Kyung-gu In front of the camera 122mins Od Ki
8:45pm Moss – Kang Woo-suk, 2010 (18) (Thriller) Retrospective 163mins Od PS
Friday 15 November
7:00pm Boomerang Family – Song Hae-sung, 2013 (15) (Comedy) + Q&A with director Song Hae-sung, actors Yoon Je-moon and Youn Yuh-jung, and Tony Rayns Closing Gala 112mins Od WE
Screenings in Oxford (at Odeon Oxford George Street)
Saturday 16 November
2:00pm Hope Lee Joon-ik, 2013 (12) (Drama)
4:30pm Boomerang Family – Song Hae-sung, 2013 (15) (Comedy) 
Sunday 17 November
2:00pm Fist of Legend (18) + Q&A with Kang Woo-suk (Action) Kang Woo-suk 2013
Screenings in Bradford (at Odeon Leeds-Bradford)
Monday 18 November
6:30pm Hide and Seek (Thriller) Huh Jung, 2013
Tuesday 19 November
6:30pm Secretly, Greatly (15) (Action) Jang Cheol-soo, 2013
Wednesda7 20 November
6:30pm Mai Ratima (18) (Romance) Yoo Ji-tae, 2013
Screenings in St Andrews (at NPH Cinema)
Thursday 21 November
5:45pm Pluto (15) (Drama) Shin Su-won, 2012
Friday 22 November
1:45pm Rough Play (18) (Drama) Shin Yeon-shick, 2013
3:45pm Secretly, Greatly (15) (Action) Jang Cheol-soo, 2013

Enjoy the difficult decisions!

3 thoughts on “LKFF 2013: the schedule in detail

  1. Jason Bechervaise: I strongly recommend HOW TO USE GUYS…. PLUTO, and HOPE. BEHIND THE CAMERA, SOUTH BOUND and HIDE AND SEEK also def worth seeing.

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