Festival Film Review: Behind the Camera — the Q&A of the feature of the documentary of the making of the …

British cinema-goers are used to a short commercial before the main feature in which a film director is pitching his latest movie idea to some corporate suits whose only interest is that the film should promote a certain mobile phone network at every opportunity. So it’s not such a strange idea that a well-known Korean […]

LKFF 2013 – Choices, Choices

The schedule for this year’s London Korean Film Festival seems to be bigger than ever. So many varied themes to satisfy all cinematic tastes; several directors and actors brought to London for interviews and Q&A sessions with the audience; galas, animations, shorts, comedies and much more. With such a feast laid out in front of […]

LKFF 2013: the schedule in detail

Here’s the full schedule of the London Korean Film Festival 2013 for you to optimise your viewing pleasure in the coming fortnight. Full details on the festival’s official website, www.koreanfilm.co.uk/. Time Title Theme Runtime Venue Screenings in London and Kingston Od = Odeon; Cur = Curzon WE = West End; CG = Covent Garden; PS […]

The LKFF 2013 Programme is announced

The countdown is on to the 2013 London Korean Film Festival. There’s plenty for everyone, and I’m sure once the detailed timetable is announced it will be difficult to choose your priorities. For me, the film to see is E J-yong’s Behind the Camera. I’ve never yet been disappointed by a film of his, and […]