The London Korean Links Awards 2013

Now in its eighth year, here are the LKL Awards 2013. The year has been both good and bad from LKL’s perspective. Good because there seem to have been more events, more books, more films and more music than ever before as Korean culture gets more and more public attention. And bad because our day […]

Director Won’s next move

Congratulations to Won Yong-ki on being appointed head of the Korea Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), part of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. Director Won used to head the KCCUK. In the photo from the Korea Times he is posing in front of two of the kkokdu which were on display last summer […]

Shin Meekyoung’s 2013

We haven’t done proper write-ups of all Shin Meekyoung’s exhibitions this year – she’s simply been too busy, like us. To make up for this omission, here is a round-up of photographs of some of her installations. All photos are by LKL except where stated – we got to see her work in Seoul, Venice […]

Travelling the length of Korea by motorbike

For those who haven’t come across this yet: a project by some bold Kiwis to travel the length of the Korean peninsula, from Baekdusan to Hallsan, by motorbike. The journey took place this summer. Here’s a quick (12 minute) podcast they produced just after they crossed the DMZ into South Korea. and a video documentary […]

Book Review: The Defections, by Hannah Michell. Put it on your wishlist

Hannah Michell: The Defections Quercus, 2014, 336pp THE BRITISH EMBASSY, SEOUL STAFF RECORD NAME: Kim, Mia D.O.B: 27/10/1979 POSITION: Translator REPORTS TO: Dalton-Ellis, Thomas NATIONALITY: Korean ETHNICITY: Mixed – Korean/British BACKGROUND NOTES: Born, was educated and lives in Seoul. Family – father, disabled – stepmother, seamstress – mother, English, unknown – uncle, runs school for […]

Radio 4 to feature Ko Un

News of an upcoming feature on Radio 4: Ko Un: The People’s Poet of Korea Sunday 29 December, 4:30pm, Radio 4 In South Korea, former Zen monk Ko Un is revered as a pro-democracy activist and the people’s poet. To mark his 80th birthday, Mike Greenwood explores his prolific output, in particular his epic masterwork, […]

Festival Film Review: Behind the Camera — the Q&A of the feature of the documentary of the making of the …

British cinema-goers are used to a short commercial before the main feature in which a film director is pitching his latest movie idea to some corporate suits whose only interest is that the film should promote a certain mobile phone network at every opportunity. So it’s not such a strange idea that a well-known Korean […]

The official announcement of Jang Song-thaek’s execution

From the KCNA’s English-language website run from Japan. Among his crimes: Half-heartedly clapping when Kim 3 was appointed vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea projecting himself internally and externally as a special being on a par with the headquarters of the revolution Preventing a tile factory from erecting a […]

Kimjang gets a UNESCO listing

Kimjang, the making and sharing of kimchi in the Republic of Korea, was admitted to the UNESCO register of intangible cultural heritage on 5 December 2013. Note that, like the listing of Arirang, this pan-Korean cultural item has been registered by South Korea. Links: Kimjang page at UNESCO Update 13 December: The South China Morning […]